Parenting Teens and Technology (Part 5)

Photographs are of models and are used for illustrative purposes. ©

Part 5: Walk the Talk

Model Good Behavior – Set rules for acceptable behavior and model that behavior yourself.

Discourage gossiping

Click here to read about the harmful effects of gossip.

Do not allow bullying; learn how to stop it when you see it and help your child know what to do when it appears.

43% of kids report they have received hurtful messages from someone.  Only 10% tell their parents.

What is cyberbullying? Click here for a definition

How do you prevent it? Click here for tips.

Set an example by practicing good digital etiquette

Agree on when it is appropriate to be on the phone, texting, doing email.  Respect the rules yourself.

In the car?  While driving?

At the table, in a restaurant?

While talking with someone?

In a meeting?   What do you say when you decide to answer your phone while talking to someone face to face?

Click here to learn more about digital etiquette or click here to continue learning about cyberbullying and digital citizenship.

Written and edited by Elizabeth Schar for Adolescent Counseling Services


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