Parenting Teens and Technology (Part 10)

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our Teens and Technology Blog Series. Don’t forget that you can check out all of our previous posts by clicking on “technology” in the list of topics on the left side bar of this page. This final post discusses what you can do going forward:

Ready for the Next Level

Go for more – Look for ways to improve what you know – how to expand your knowledge about using technology. As technology advances, parenting priorities remain the same.  Provide your child with the support and guidance he/she needs to make good decisions.

Keep learning –  Parents report that technology advances changed how the family used cellphones and computers, as their families grew up. The youngest child experiences an entirely different environment, with greater access and comfort with technology than his or her older siblings.  Guidelines and activities that worked for the oldest child can be out of sync with a younger child’s needs.  Parents who remain involved in learning about technology with their children will more likely know what is possible.

Ways to keep learning – Learn to do something new.

  • Bank online
  • Share digital pictures
  • Look for recipes, study nutrition
  • Order a book
  • Find a pattern for something you can build, knit, repair.
  • Research your family tree
  • Find old friends
  • Reach out to new friends
  • Go back to school online
  • Support a cause
  • Look for more resources on websites listed on the California Department of Education website,

Written and edited by Elizabeth Schar for Adolescent Counseling Services


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