Friday, September 17: Recent Teen Mental Health and Substance Abuse News

Substance Abuse News –

Spinning Back into Control

Click here to read this fascinating Chicago Tribune article about how former U.S. National Figure Skating Champion  and Olympian Nicole Bobek is recovering from addiction.

Survey of Police and Teachers: Alcohol and Marijuna Most Serious Substance Abuse Facing Teens

“The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest released the results of a national Teen Substance Abuse survey today, indicating that police officers and high school teachers nationwide believe alcohol and marijuana are the most serious problem substances facing teenagers.” Click here for the rest of this article.

Marijuana to Blame for Increased Drug Use in 2009, New Government Report Says

“A new government report blames increased marijuana use for an uptick in the overall use of illicit drugs among Americans.The annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows the rate of illicit drug use rose from eight percent in 2008 to 8.7 percent in 2009. The survey also found increases in the use of ecstasy and methamphetamines.” Click here for the rest of this CBS News Article.

Mental Health News-

Why Your Teen Insists on Dressing Exactly Like Her Friends

““I can’t wear THAT!” can refer to anything—from vintage Chanel to last year’s potato sack—but the words and underlying sentiment have special significance when they are uttered by a teen girl.” Click here to read the rest of this Psychology Today blog article on how clothing effects the lives of adolescents.

Discrimination Hurts, but How Much?

“It’s tough being a teen. Are you in or are you out? Are you hanging with the right crowd? Are you dressing and talking and acting the right way? For adolescents who are ethnic minorities, on top of this quest to “fit in” is the added layer — and the burden — of dealing with discrimination, say UCLA researchers. ” Click here to read the rest of this ScienceBlog article.

Thin Isn’t Always In

There’s no denying that images of celebrities and models on television and in magazine have an impact on the body image of a teenager. It may be worth reminding your teenager that there are countless public figures who have fallen victim to eating disorders as a result of this societal pressure to be dangerously thin, negatively affecting their health and even their careers.  Click here for 21 celebrity examples provided by OK! Magazine.

Five Eating-Disorder Signs in Your Child

“The sooner you recognize the signs, the better the chances of recovery.” Click here to read this US News and World Report article.

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