Bullying Articles and Resources

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Stop Bullying Now!

The Stop Bullying Now! Campaign Web site was created especially for adults. Here you’ll find resources about bullying awareness, prevention and intervention. No matter how you interact with children and youth, there are many ways you can Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Click here to visit the website.


Click here to visit this government sponsored website with information on bullying prevention and response.

National Center for Bullying Prevention

The National Center for Bullying Prevention website has some great interactive features and learning tools. Additionally, they have a website specifically designed for middle and high school students, where they can find ways to address bullying, to take action, to be heard, and to join an important social cause. Click here to visit the National Center for Bullying Prevention Website. Click here to go directly to the Teens Against Bullying website.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) Youth. Click here to visit their website for resources and more.

Adolescent Counseling Services Resources

“Breaking the Stigma: Bullying” Forum

If you were unable to attend the “Breaking the Stigma: Bullying” community forum or missed the live broadcast on Public Access Channel 28, be sure to check back here in the coming days for links to watch the forum online. Also be sure to check the Palo Alto Media Center website for a schedule of programs as the forum will likely be re-aired in the near future.

5 Part Bullying Blog Series

While recent teen suicides and campaigns such as the “It Gets Better Project” have brought national attention to the issue of bullying, it has always been prevalent amongst our youth. At Adolescent Counseling Services and particularly in our On-Campus Counseling Program, our staff frequently sees students who are targeted by bullies because they are different. Whether it’s sexuality, race, social class, physical appearance or for no particular reason whatsoever, bullying is a real problem that has significant and life-threatening consequences for its victims.

As a parent or concerned member of the community, it is easy to feel helpless when these tragic stories of young lives lost flash across the television screen. While there is no immediate answer or solution, we can begin to do our part by learning more about what causes bullying behavior and the variety of ways in which it manifests itself in and outside of our schools. Earlier this year, we posted a 5 part series on bullying. Here are the links in case you missed it:

Bullying Part 1 – Definining Bullying

Bullying Part 2 – The Effects of Bullying

Bullying Part 3 – Bullying Statistics

Bullying Part 4 – Characteristics of Bullies

Bullying Part 5 – What can we do about it?

One Response to “Bullying Articles and Resources”

  1. This is very true, a lot of young people are targeted by bullying. Although we want to end bullying we know it’s a fatal action. My blog focuses on bullying and how teens and young children learn how to deal with it. It includes my experiences and hopefully it will give advice to teens and young children. I include my personal experiences to inform youths that there is a way to ignore bullying. 🙂

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