Affordable Care Act Provides Teens Access to Mental Health

As the US Supreme Court sits in deliberation over legal issues that surround the Affordable Care Act (ACA) (ie. health care reform); one group of health care professionals, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has stepped out as supporters of the bill.

“This law has already helped maintain or improve access to preventive services for more than half of America’s children,” said AAP Immediate Past President O. Marion Burton, MD, FAAP, who spoke at a news conference in front of the Supreme Court. “As the Supreme Court hears arguments this week for and against the ACA, remember the reality that pediatricians see every day: This law has already begun to help millions of Americans, and in particular, children.”

How does the Affordable Care Act support the United State’s population of young people?

The ACA is ensuring better access to vital health services, age-appropriate benefits and affordable health insurance coverage for millions of children, adolescents and young adults. These benefits provide critically important developmental and behavioral screenings free of co-pays, including coverage for adolescent mental health screenings.

The value of preventive mental health screenings cannot be overstated. Research tells us that mental disorders typically develop by age 14. By removing financial obstacles, we can promote greater access to screening, identify more problems early, and reduce the enormous health burden of these illnesses on our young people.

To read more about the ACA and how it benefits teens mental health access you can go to Teen

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