TeenSphere-A Teen Self-help App

Have you heard the phrase, “There’s an App for that.” Well apparently that is true in the case of teen mental health, as well. Its called  TeenSphere.

The app is designed by a licensed psychotherapist who worked with kids for years.  The topics it covers are all from teens’ real life concerns and worries.  There are 8 categories of questions: Feelings, Bullying, Self-harm, Eating disorders, Relationships, Stress, Self-esteem, Drugs/alcohol.  The content is very professional, and the writing is very easy to follow, but pretty formal, which some teens may not like.

The app is $.99

Other Apps trying to help teens and parents:

iGuardianTeen is a smart phone application designed for you to download onto your teen driver’s phone. The App was created to help parents keep their teen drivers safe while they gain driving experience by utilizing 17 safety features that will provide feedback and peace of mind while your teen is behind the wheel. See our Features page for a complete list.

Currently it is only available as a Droid App but will soon be compatible with iphones.

iCurfew is an easy way for kids and parents to check-in with each other remotely. Kids simply use iCurfews to send their location to their parents in an email.Whether kids are at the movies, at a friends house, or across the world, they can check-in using iCurfew on cell data networks or Wifi. Parents don’t have to be nervous any longer; wondering if their kids are really out where they say they are. This app builds trust, and verifies real time location with an un-editable link.
Currently available for $.99 at the iTunes store.

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  1. Not sure what you did, somehow, it is shown on my comment alert, but did not shown on the post page.
    Anyway, want to stop by and say thank you for mentioning my post on TeenSphere. http://igamemom.com/2012/04/23/teensphere/

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