20 Things Teens Don’t Have To Sweat About-Yet!

Between exams, college applications, friend drama and dating angst, you have enough to worry about as a teenager without constantly stressing out about your future. Although there are some things in high school that can be genuinely anxiety-inducing (the common app! landing a prom date!), other concerns — like a getting a credit card or a long-term boyfriend — can definitely wait.

Trust us: figuring out high school doesn’t mean that you have to have it all figured out. Click through the slideshow below for 20 things you shouldn’t worry about before you turn 20 — from finding “the one” to deciding on your college major.

Here are the Top Ten:

1. Your College Major

Most college freshmen don’t know their major going into college — and if they do, they frequently end up changing it after a semester or a year. The whole point of college is exploration: Take your time and try out different subjects until you find one that sticks.

2. What You’re Looking For In A Relationship

It can take a lot of relationship experience to figure out what you’re really looking for in a partner. And by no means is that something you need to fugure out in high school or even college. Spending times with different types of people, and having both good and bad experiences with them, will make your needs and desires clear in time.
3. Spending WAY Too Much Time On Tumblr

OK, so scrolling through Tumblr until 3 a.m. when you have an exam the next morning is probably not the best idea, but don’t feel bad about spending a seemingly inordinate amount of time on your favorite social network. Twitter and Tumblr can be a great way to connect with others and figure out your own interests and aesthetics.
4. Defining Your Personal Style

Your style will likely change drastically as you get older and experiment with different looks — don’t worry about figuring out whether to label your style as “glam” or “boho.” Just look at Taylor Swift, who has changed her signature style with each album. Have fun exploring and gradually figuring out what looks you feel the most, well, you.
5. Having A Perfect Resume

In high school and college, there’s a lot of pressure to succeed in your academics, extra-curriculars and internships. But if you participate in activities and go after awards solely for the sake of your resume — not out of real interest — colleges and employers will probably be able to tell. Do things because they’re what you love!
6. Being A Super-Fan

So what if you worship your favorite star? Now is the time in your life to declare your unfailing, til-death-to-us-part devotion to that special singer or actor you love. Don’t let the haters make you feel embarrassed about that “one thing” you can’t get enough of — whether it’s the Biebs or the 1D boys. You have the whole rest of your life to play it cool.
7. Finding The Right Group Of Friends

Finding good friends in high school is important, but don’t stress about it too much if you have never found the perfect group of friends. As you move into college and the real world, where you’re interacting with a larger and more diverse demographic, you’ll find those people you really want to spend your time with.
8. Being Able To Cook A Gourmet Meal

Even if cooking isn’t your thing, it’s still worth learning how to make a meal that doesn’t come out of a can or box. But don’t stress about being able to prepare meals worthy of a five-star restaurant — simple, basic recipes can still be healthy, delicious, and impressive to dinner party guests.
9. Finding ‘The One’

Think your high school sweetheart is the real deal? Finding love when you’re young is an incredible experience, but don’t worry too much about finding your “forever.” You have years ahead of you to find yourself before you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
10. Still Going To Your Parents For Help
If you’re 12, 18, or even 30 years old, it’s okay to lean on your parents for help or support whenever you need it. Growing up means learning to do things on your own, yes, but it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all alone. Learn to lean on the people who will always be there for you.
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