Defining Things Teenagers Say: Swerve

Laura Lamere

Sometimes the things teenagers say don’t make sense. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen. It’s all part of the master plan. Your teenagers are supposed to start breaking away from the comforting nest of the familiar. Part of this break-away occurs in their language. They develop a language all their own that helps them communicate with their kind – we’re not supposed to understand it!

Definition of Swerve

Until now….

Some brilliant genius created the online Urban Dictionary at I don’t know who the original target audience was for this website or whether it was created as a plot to help teens talk to each other so their parents wouldn’t understand them, but no matter – the secret is out! Now you, too, can look up the confusing things your teens say and get some idea of what they mean!

Here’s how you use the Urban Dictionary to understand the…

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