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My Teen is Sexting! Help!

Source: Expert: Tori Cordiano, Ph.D. Question: My daughter was sexting boys who she hardly knew. She did not send any photos (only sexting language), although one boy did ask her to send a picture of her breasts, but she did not. We spoke with her and she said doing it to “fit in.” What do we […]

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What do teens want from their parents?

By: Charlotte Villemoes, LMFT ACS On-Campus Counseling Site Director at Woodside High School Before I make a call home to a parent, I always ask the teen I have been seeing if they have any messages for mom and dad that they would like me to deliver. They always do. Most of the time the message […]

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My Teen Does Not Think Marijuana is Dangerous- What Do I Say

Source: Expert: Mark McConville Ph.D. QUESTION: My teen does not think that marijuana is dangerous. He thinks it should be legal and as far as he is concerned, everyone he knows uses it with any detrimental effort. So why shouldn’t he? What can I do to convince him otherwise. Yours is an increasingly common challenge for […]

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