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When Your Teen Rejects Your Hug

source: By: Diana Simeon Two experts, Dr. Laura Markham and Laurie Couture, give their advice on how parents should approach physical affection when a teenager resists—or outright rejects—it. Here’s what they recommended: First, “respect your child’s boundaries,” advises Markham, a clinical psychologist and editor of, and start with non-physical ways of connecting, including verbal affection […]

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5 Times It’s Okay to Let Your Teen Break the Rules

Source: By: Robin Stokes It isn’t easy being the parent of a teenager. But let us not forget, it ain’t exactly a walk in the park BEING a teenager, either. Between the stress of a constantly changing mind and body, societal pressures, and worries about what the future holds, being a teenager can be (dare I say it) […]

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How do we teach our kids to cope with stress?

By Pamela Garfield, LCSW Site Director at Gunn High School Our kids just got through the end of the semester and finals.  Finals, holidays, college applications and the many other pressures of this time of year can be very challenging. Sometimes life just takes over and we have to go into “survival mode” to get […]

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