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New Ways Teens are Using Tobacco: Vaping, Chewing and Smoking

Source: yourteenmag.com By Jane Parent Nick started dipping as a sophomore in high school because many of his lacrosse teammates were. “It was the cool thing to do,” and chew helped him to relieve stress and relax. He began, however, to notice a pattern:  after chewing, he felt groggy and lethargic. It took six long weeks […]

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Electronic Cigarettes or “e-cigs”

Monica Ippolito, MFTI ACS Intern Electronic Cigarettes or “e-cigs” as the youth are calling them are very popular among middle school & high school students. “e-cigs” are a battery operated device that can look like Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, & Pens. The one that looks like a pen is the most popular kind with youth. E-cigarettes […]

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