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Helicopter Parenting-What Experts and Teens Think

Source: http://yourteenmag.com/2012/04/helicopter-parents-3/ Haven’t we all had a helicopter moment? Perhaps it was a note to a teacher, protesting a grade or a call to a coach, insisting our teenager get to play in next week’s game. Maybe it was helping too much with an English paper or wrangling an invitation to a party. Whatever the […]

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Stanford Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program hosts Parent’s Night

On Thursday, May 2nd Stanford’s Pediatric Bipolar Disorders Program will be hosting a Parent’s Night for parents of children who have or may have bipolar disorder. The event will be held at the Psychiatry Building, 401 Quarry Rd, Stanford, CA 94305. The evening will have a presentation and Q&A session with doctors with Kiki Chang, […]

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