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Teens are Receiving Mixed Messages about Marijuana

Source: yourteenmag.com By: Dr. Jack Stein The legalization of marijuana–whether medical, decriminalization or legal–is sending mixed messages to our teens. Is it like alcohol, for adults only? Is it addictive? We took our many questions to Dr. Jack Stein, Director, Office of Science Policy and Communications, National Institute on Drug Abuse. Now that marijuana is legal in […]

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I Don’t Like My Teenager’s Friends

Source: yourteenmag.com By: Diana Simeon You shouldn’t expect to like all of your teenager’s friends. But be wary of interfering, unless those friends are getting your teenager into trouble, advises Dr. Tori Cordiano, assistant director of the Center for Research on Girls at Laurel School in Ohio in this Your Teen Q&A. Where do we start? Start with a conversation. […]

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