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Common Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Their Teen

Source: radicalparenting.com By: Radical Parenting Intern What does it really mean when teens ‘misbehave’, do something ‘wrong’ or ‘mess-up.’ I think that all parents have a fundamental dilemma when thinking about ‘punishing’ their children. Some… Parents Take Their Children’s Mistakes Personally The first part of this argument is that many parents take their children’s mistakes […]

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Early Intervention with Middle School Ages lowers Adulthood Drug Use

Source: NIH.gov “Youth Interventions Lower Prescription Drug Abuse” published online March 4, 2013. A new study found that middle school students in small towns and rural areas who received brief interventions had lower rates of prescription drug abuse into late adolescence and young adulthood. Prescription drug abuse is taking a medication without a prescription, or […]

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Teens and Boundaries

By: Katie Luce, LMFT Site Director at Redwood High School Family rules and boundaries can provide a sense of stability to teenagers who are struggling to decipher relationships, roles, and even their own personalities. Although they may protest loudly against structure and boundaries, when they have a hand in what is being asked of them, […]

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