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Common Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Their Teen

Source: radicalparenting.com By: Radical Parenting Intern What does it really mean when teens ‘misbehave’, do something ‘wrong’ or ‘mess-up.’ I think that all parents have a fundamental dilemma when thinking about ‘punishing’ their children. Some… Parents Take Their Children’s Mistakes Personally The first part of this argument is that many parents take their children’s mistakes […]

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4 Things Every Teen Wants Their Parents to Know

Source: Vanessa Van Petten of Radical Parenting.com Teens love their parents and deep down they want to get along and have a relationship that they can always count on. However, some things they do can drive their kids crazy…and even sabotage a good relationship. 1. Don’t Ask ‘Answer-Questions’ An Answer-Question is a question that already […]

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4 Skills Every Student Should Have Before Applying to College.

Blog article from Radical Parenting.Com Katie Layendecker is a content developer at OpenSesame, where she writes about technology and learning. Katie is a sophomore at Davidson College, where she plans to major in gender studies. When she’s not writing, she enjoys attending her college’s sporting events, walking her dogs, and rowing. Applying to college was one […]

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