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Bullying in the Family

Source:Time Online- Health and Family Section By: Alexandra Sifferlin Brothers and sisters fight, but when the bickering evolves into physical or emotional abuse, it’s bullying. Ordinary arguments over toys and who gets the front seat are one thing, but a recent study from researchers at the University of New Hampshire reports that aggression between siblings […]

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Study Shows Seeing Smiles Can Lower Aggression

Source: Time, April 4, 2013 article “Study Shows Seeing Smile Can Lower Aggression” By Maia Szalavitz A happy face can certainly lift spirits, but can it reduce rage? Studies have documented that the physical act of smiling is a universal, and effective way to lift mood, if briefly. But in the latest research on the […]

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Why the Teen Brain is Drawn to Risk

From Healthland.Time.com By Maia Szalavitz If you’re the parent of a tween, be warned: your cautious 10-year-old is bound to turn into a wild child in a few short years, with seemingly no regard whatsoever for safety. Indeed, teenagers have the double the risk of dying compared to their preteen selves. Adults have long reckoned […]

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