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2012 Monitoring the Future Results on Marijuana Use

According to the Monitoring the Future 2012 survey daily and regular use of marijuana remains consistently strong across all grades surveyed (8th, 10th, 12th).  Even more alarming is that fewer students believe there is a risk in using marijuana; among 12th graders only 20.6% view occasional marijuana use as risky, and only 44.1% view daily […]

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Synthetic Marijuana Causes Serious Health Probems

Post from CBSnews.com By:Michelle Castillo A new report shows synthetic pot sent 11,406 people to the emergency room in 2010. The number pales in comparison to the 461,028 people who went to the ER for marijuana-related causes in 2010, but it’s still a large number that’s concerning officials. One-third of the people who went to […]

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US Law Enforcement Begins Major Crackdown of Synthetic Drugs

As posted on Teen Talk in July 2011 and January 2011 the rise in the popularity of synthetic marijuana and bath salts, has increased immensely over the last year and has brought with it troubling stories of the affects the drugs have on users. These synthetic drugs are typically sold over-the-counter as “legal highs” in […]

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